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Dalmatian Mug 220ml

Ft 6500

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Our Dalmatian collection suggests uniqueness, playfulness, and elegance, just like a Dalmatian dog. The pattern of the products is different on each product, thus ensuring the avoidance of monotony. Our ceramic objects are made by hand in Budapest, Hungary. Unique design, each object is a bit different, the boring monotony disappears, you can bring uniqueness to your home as well. Our ceramic objects are designed for everyday use, they can be safely placed in the dishwasher and microwave. Beautiful design but designed for everyday use. You will receive the product carefully packaged, intact, in our design box.

Product dimensions:

diameter: 10cm

Height: cm

We took care of the environment during the preparation, delivery, and packaging of the product! Please help us keep the Earth clean because there is no other! The boxes of the products are made of recycled paper, please recycle the packaging materials, thank you!