1. How do I get in touch with you?

The easiest way to contact us is to write a message to our email address: grandhpa@gmail.com

We will try to respond to all messages within 24 hours. If you write to us on instagram, we may not notice your message unfortunately, so email is the best way to write to us.

2. Do you Offer Free Shipping?

Yes! If you order to Hungary, delivery is free for orders over 30,000 HUF (approximately 80 EUR) with the cupon “FREESHIPPING-HU”. Worldwide unfortunately we cannot provide free shipping (yet)

3. Do you Offer Worldwide Shipping?

Yes! We can provide worldwide delivery, however, there is a separate rate in each case, so contact us by email. Write where you want the delivery and how much you would order and we will calculate the delivery fee for you. Our email address is grandhpa@gmail.com

4. When will my order ship?

Your order will be handed over to the courier service within 1-4 days of the order, they will deliver the package within 1 week from then (in Hungary)

For international shipments, a different delivery time is expected

5. How much is the shipping fee?

In Hungary the delivery cost 1800 HUF to your home, or 1200HUF to a foxpost package-point. 

6. What if I Need to Change My Order?

Unfortunately, you cannot make changes with your order after payment, but contact us we can try to find a solution.

7. Is it possible to pick up my order in person?

Yes, at check out you can choose to pick up your order in Budapest at BRU coffee and design shop, without extra fee.

8. Where are the products made?

All our products are handmade in Hungary.

9. What should I take care of when using your ceramic products?​

Our tableware collections (mugs, plates) are designed to be as durable as possible, even in everyday use. Everything can be put in the microwave or in the washing machine. Beautiful, unique handmade ceramic products, but designed for everyday use.

10. How sustainable is the brand?

We took care of the environment during the preparation, delivery, and packaging of the product! We don’t use any plastic for our products or for packaging. The boxes of the products are made of recycled paper. Please recycle the packaging materials, help us keep the Earth clean because there is no other!