Who are we?

The grandhpa instagram page was created in 2019 by Kevin Juhász, where he initially published aesthetic, stylish photos from the gallery of his own phone. Seeing the demand, he created the grandhpa blog in April 2020 with his small team, where he published articles and recipes related to Gastronomy, Art and Lifestyle. Their aim is to connect “art”, “productive, creative work” with everyday life, and to present this perception to the average person.

Kevin started studying Ceramics in 2019. He began designing his first two collections in early 2021, then published it in late September 2021, and began to conquer the grandhpa brand with a renewed brand image and website.

The grandhpa brand creates quality, uniqueness, timeless style and sustainability. Supporting local businesses, protecting the environment, and uniqueness are important to the brand. Each product is unique, no two are the same, but the quality is the same!

Thank you for your respectful interest in the brand, we look forward to receiving your order if we attract your attention.